Our Leading Services

Scaffolding Works:

Mantech Group has a wealth of experience in providing scaffolding services Including design, supply & fix and full inspection. Our goal is simply to facilitate you getting your vessel ship-shape in the shortest time possible. MOM Approved Scaffold Contractor. Mantech Group has a wealth of experience in providing

Whether ship, boat or special purpose vessel, Mantech Group can build a safe scaffold on or around any sea vessel in order to allow construction works, maintenance works or repairs to be performed in a safe, cost-efficient and speedy manner. Erection, Alteration and Dismantling of Scaffolds..

Blasting & Painting:

Mantech Group specializes in maintenance, repair and recoating of all marine hull and interior surfaces. From full repaints, antifouling through to touch-ups and blister repair work, Mantech Group is highly regarded by the industry and our customers alike.

Mantech Group also provided the following services are: Surface Preparation, Spray painting works, Roller painting works, Grit blasting & sand blasting works. antifouling through to touch-ups and blister repair work,

Hydro Jetting / Blasting:

Hydro Jetting or Hydro Blasting is a method of cleaning out pipes, tanks and surface (power washing) that involve pumping high-pressure water over the pipe. Using 4,000psi water sprays, this process will blast through any blockages that are in the drain pipe. Machines with all type of accessories.

When used in a larger pipe setting, these hydrojet pumps use nozzles that spin to get greater coverage of the pipe and tank. They can rotate at speeds up to 10,000 rpm, completely clearing the pipes and tank of grime while unblocking them. igh-pressure hydro blasting

Tank Cleaning:

Mantech Group performs wastewater tank cleaning service for marine to comply with wastewater discharge regulations. Old media is removed and the tank is cleaned. Media is replenished to allow for continued compliance with strict wastewater discharges. Pumping out remaining water oil..

Mantech Group offer cleaning services on Contracts basis you only have cleaners when you need them. Our experienced team will work to your needs and budget giving you the best solution to all your cleaning requirements.Mantech Group are successfully cleaning your most difficult tanks.

Piping & Steel Works:

Mantech Group has the facilities to repair and construct all type of vessels, and has recently delivered tugs, workboats, support vessels, landing craft, barges and pontoons. Mantech Group also having a Workshop for welding, cutting, fitting & fabrication works for the ship building and repair.

Through our complete in-house engineering and design capability, we provide each and every client with a dedicated, integrated service.Piping Works for ship repairs & new shipbuilding Welding, fitting & installation. Fabrication works in ship and workshops. Welding, fitting & installation.

Mechanical Services:

Mantech Group have well experienced engineers for provide the mechanical services. To repairs the various types of problem occurs in the pumps and valves. Mantech Group has the facilities to construct all type of winches, support vessels and pontoons. Mantling and dismantling of all types of winches..

Mantech Group also provide the overhauling cooler, heater, crane, compressor etc... Various repair works for all type of pumps and valves Mantling and dismantling of all types of winches Overhauling in all types of pumps, valves, winches, Cylinders, cooler, heater, crane, compressor etc.

We serve to meet

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Our industrial coating services, suited to meet the needs of numerous industries, are available for any size production run, from prototypes through large volume.

Additionally, we are committed to providing service suited to each customer's ideal turnaround time. Our rush services can be performed in a matter of hours, if necessary.

  • We are professional, experienced and dedicated to your satisfaction.

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