Director's Message


It gives me a great pleasure to present this introduction that will provide you with an insight to the services and achievements of our Company, Mantech Engineering Pte Ltd and its subsidiaries.

We have been in this business since 2002 and our team of skilled workers, supervisors and operation heads play a major role in providing their expertise to provide a quality job within the stipulated time frame.

The dedication and professionalism of our workers in getting every job done is largely inspired by our hands. As a meticulous skilled service provider, we always do our best to ensure our clients come away with a smile that reflects their consummate satisfaction.

The management of Mantech Group takes a positive attitude and approach to the culture of work based on steadfast principles and values. It doesn't negotiate its integrity nor does it violate ethical or legal codes of conduct. It innovates, renews and communicates a future-driven mission of excellence in service.


  • We are professional, competitive, and competent in our services.
    We provide high quality services that create a new environment for our clients.
    Our people are experts in the industry to deliver world-class solutions to projects of any size in the city state.